Ryan’s Story


My primary issue is that both of my kidneys are not functioning well, leading to acute kidney failure and a condition called nephrotic syndrome.

My immune system is very low. I have avascular necrosis (AVN), whereby the blood supply to the bone is cut off, causing the bone tissue to die and subsequently collapse, particularly in my hip area. I am battling various other illnesses that cause my other organs to malfunction.

I have to be steroid-dependent to prevent my kidney damage from worsening. I’ve been on a high dose of steroids, numerous drugs, and painkillers daily for the past decade. Some symptoms I’m fighting are side effects from these steroids and kidney complications.

Recently, I underwent a unique infusion drug therapy, a quite expensive treatment aimed at stopping my reliance on steroids and eradicating or suppressing all the suspected harmful cells in my body. I also abruptly stopped all steroids recently. Now, I am periodically suffering from side effects, causing pain in my bones, chest, and discomfort in my kidneys.

I’m experiencing serious health issues, life-threatening conditions, unemployment, temporary handicap in one leg (which led me to contemplate hip and bone transplants), accidents, and business pitfalls. I find myself frequently in and out of the hospital and randomly scheduled for surgeries. Needless to say, I’ve faced numerous obstacles.

I’m a relatively new Christian, having been baptised in this church just a few years ago. But I’ve never blamed God for these misfortunes. Instead, I see them as challenges or life tests from Him. I continue to maintain a strong faith and belief in Him. Without His blessings and protection, I wouldn’t be where I am now.