Empowered Women: How to Be One and Why It Matters


Empowered Women: How to Be One and Why It Matters. Read full article by New Covenant Community Church.

Empowered Women: How to Be One and Why It Matters

When we look at the media’s portrayal of empowered women, we see natural leaders and strong women… Truth is, the concept of an empowered woman extends far beyond this narrow lens.

Genuine empowerment is a beautiful tapestry woven from the threads of humility, patience, and a deep understanding of oneself. It’s not just about being a natural leader or projecting strength—it’s about embracing vulnerability, fostering resilience, and navigating the complexities of life with authenticity and honesty.

It is only when we are able to face ourselves honestly—learning from our mistakes, choices and actions—where we find true confidence, courage and compassion.

So, what do we consider an empowered woman and how can you transform into one?

1. Empowered Women carry Integrity

  • Embrace honesty and authenticity—not lying, cheating, stealing, pretending, compromising, blaming, judging, gossiping, bullying, or manipulating others
  • Uphold humility—extending respect to both yourself and others
  • Take ownership of your actions and glean lessons from your failures
  • Cultivate gratitude for what you have and acknowledge the efforts of those around you

This foundation of values paves the way for a life built on sincerity, integrity, and genuine connections.

2. Empowered Women are Courageous

  • Be brave, bold, fearless, motivated, determined, and resilient
  • Don’t let fear, doubt, insecurity, criticism, negativity, oppression, injustice, discrimination, prejudice, violence, or abuse stop you from doing the right things
  • Try new things, take risks, explore your talents, follow your passion, stand up for your beliefs, and fight for your desires

Your strength lies, not only in the pursuit of success, but also in the unwavering courage that propels you forward.

3. Empowered Women are Compassionate

  • Be kind, caring, empathetic, loving, understanding, helpful, supportive, generous, respectful, and appreciative
  • Reject negativity and harmful ideas that may hurt others
  • Cultivate love and understanding within yourself and extend it to others
  • Offer help and support to those around you

Herein lies the power to shape a world where compassion and care prevails over negativity and harm.

Empowered Women: How to Be One and Why It Matters

An empowered woman embodies strength, confidence, and happiness. They inspire, influence, and make a positive impact. It’s never too late to start healing and growing. No matter where you come from, what matters is where you’re heading. Every woman, regardless of her background, has the power to be strong, confident, and truly empowered. Let 2024 be your year of empowerment.

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